Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yiddish Tuesday: Hockin A Chainik

Hockin a chainik (hockin ä chi:'nik): v. to talk nonsense; to talk for the sake of talking; to carry on about something in a boring, long winded manner.  (Literally, 'to bang on a teakettle')
"I get it.  You didn't like your soup.  Now, stop hockin a chainik!"


Hefe said...

funny! in romanian the word is very similar to 'chainik', it's ceainic. have a nice day!

vagabond sister said...

hey...it was me in the first comment...i wasn't at my computer and i forgot to sign in :D

Bangkok J said...

H, I love how the romance languages share many of the same words, word origins, and roots! It makes learning new ones that much easier.

E, thanks for clueing me in!

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