Thursday, February 11, 2010

Smell Your Way to Sex

I just read this interesting article in the New York Times about aphrodisiacs and what the "experts" --nutritionists and smell psychologists (yes, there is a field dedicated solely to the psychology of smell!)-- are saying these days.  Here's the skinny:

*The smell of cherries or grilling meat over charcoals kills the mood for women.

*The combined scent of doughnuts and licorice make men go wild, as does the combo of lavender and pumpkin pie.  

*For women, the smell of baby powder or the combined smells of Good&Plenty candy with cucumbers or with banana nut bread does the trick.

*Chili peppers make your heart beat fast and make you sweat and flush, mimicking arousal.

*Avocado is sensual.  Amy Reily, author of an aphrodisiac cookbook called Fork Me, Spoon Me, suggests guacamole as a love potion because of its color, texture, taste, and aroma.

*Reiley also uses saffron, mint, and vanilla to set the mood. 

*And sadly, chocolate is overrated.  A 130-pound person would have to eat 25 pounds of chocolate or 19.2% of her body weight to feel the euphoric effects.

The bottom line:
Foods are often thought of as aphrodisiacs because of their roles in cultures and history (i.e. honey), their luxuriousness (i.e. Champagne), the manner in which they are eaten (i.e. oysters), or their resemblance to genitalia (i.e. figs).  

Basically, it's all subjective.  And, it should be noted that the information in the article regarding smells was garnered from a single study and so cannot be considered conclusive evidence.  Therefore, take what you want from it, play around to discover your own personal aphrodisiac, and have fun!

Though not necessarily an aphrodisiac, I'm planning on making some sexy, fancy French macaroons for V-Day.  I've never attempted them before.  I hope they're a success since T loves them!

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