Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Inebriated Poultry

I made dinner last night and I think it was my best effort yet.  By far.  

 I am so proud.  

I followed the recipe at Epicurious for Red Wine Braised Rabbit with Sage Polenta, but substituted chicken thighs for the bunny.  I also made a few more minor adjustments to the recipe, including brining the chicken for a couple of hours (see this helpful page from Cook's Illustrated), adding a carrot with the onion, substituting chicken broth for water in the polenta recipe and adding a little bit of butter to it at the end. 
It was easy to make and required little "active" time since, after preparing all of the ingredients, all you really have to do is throw it all in a pot and let it stew for an hour. 
Since we both like to have salad after our entrees at dinnertime, I threw together some mixed greens with avocado and dried figs.

I'm telling you, this was a five-star meal and anyone you make it for will be putty in your hands. 

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