Friday, January 29, 2010

Peace and Quiet

With T in Vietnam all week, I have remembered how much I like being alone.  I'm sure if it were a regular occurrence, I wouldn't appreciate it so much, but now and then it's really nice to enjoy my own company.  This week I've taken pleasure in:

A quiet apartment (More often than not, when home, T usually has the TV on.  Loud.  I can now completely relate to my parents' reactions when I watched TV as a kid--which, I must say was infrequent since the TV-watching rules were pretty strict.);

Flexibility to eat whatever I want whenever I want (T's a meat and potatoes kind of guy and more of a "live to eat" person than an "eat to live" one like me and that often limits dinner options.);

Freedom to watch Gossip Girl (My guilty pleasure.  Don't judge.) without feeling guilty for not spending or without wanting to spend the evening with T;

And privacy to write here (my little secret, mwahahahaha!)

Nevertheless, I'm excited for T's return tomorrow night.  As much as alone time is nice, there's nothing sweeter than dinner for two, movies in bed, and a shoulder to fall asleep on.

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