Thursday, January 28, 2010

London Score

I bought one thing for myself in London (with the exception of some Valrhona dark chocolate): a Kate Sheridan clutch at Spitalfields Market.  Kate is a UK designer with a 6-year-old company that produces bi-yearly collections of "off beat, poppy and unique bags and accessories".  I was in the market for a small bag to take out on the town and for rockstar apparel (of course).  The bag I chose is more Anthropologie than rockstar and maybe more daytime than nighttime.  But I love it nonetheless.  It's a medium sized leather clutch with navy blue on one side and, on the other, a navy and off-white print of owls sitting in clouds.   It has an antiquey looking brass clasp and--best of all--I can fit all my junk in it without paring down my wallet to the bare necessities.  (T is in Vietnam for the week and has the camera, but once he's back, I will post a photo.)  When I met E for dinner last night, I took it out for its virgin ride on the town; upon seeing me/it, E said I looked very chic.  I couldn't believe it since I thought I looked like a slob with my messy hair and yellow pregnant-lady-style Target tee.  It must have been the clutch.  It's magical.
In my online search for a photo of my new bag, I stumbled upon  Allison Ball's charming lino prints.

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