Friday, November 27, 2009


So much to catch up on.  Hong Kong was great.  I hit the ground running (or maybe skipping and jumping up and clicking my heels together a la Charlie Chaplin is more accurate) and was so giddy that T asked what I had done with his girlfriend.  We filled the weekend with dinners at old school swanky Cipriani’s and Classified@the Press Room, a cute Italian deli.  We had drinks in the Long Kwai Fong area, at Hong Kong Brew House which had Oregon beer (T was ecstatic) and the freezing vodka room at Balalaika for a shot of Grazovka, at a tiny pub on Staunton Street, and at Club 71, a cool, low-key bar named after a huge protest march held on July 1, 2003.  It's filled with lefty memorabilia and propaganda and I later learned that Lonely Planet describes it as a "counter-culture nerve centre".

The words written on the heads: Here Is Hope
At Club 71, we were joined by some friends, one of whom displayed his enormous tattoo-in-progress:


We had meals at the Flying Pan and Taco Loco--both considered mandatory by T.  And we did loads of shopping. I scored big!  A pair of tall black riding boots (finally!), some of my favorite and simply sexy underwear, black flats, a pretty dress, and a new pair of glasses.  Oh, and my first red lipstick!

Mac Lipstick in Dubbonet

Consumerism at its finest!  T is usually a bigger purchaser than I when we shop, but this time, he only bought a t-shirt at Lane Crawford and a Bottega Veneta wallet that he’s had his eye on for years.  We both left happy.

I packed everything I needed and was happy with my choices.  The only things that could have been improved, I think, are the Nine West pointy-toed black heels I wore with my LBD to Cipriani’s.  I've had them for years and they feel a bit too officey for date nights, plus the heels have been repaired so many times that they've started to make a weird clacking noise when I walk.  It kind of detracts from the quietly sophisticated look I'm going for...

(Note to self: Buy some hot new black heels!)

And just for laughs, here is one of the better finds in my international search for funny/bizarre English-language t-shirts:


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