Thursday, November 19, 2009

Field Day for Freud

Last night I dreamed that T and I had decided to get married.  (We've had the talk before, so it's not so far from reality.)  I wanted something lowkey and simple and kind of divorced myself from the planning process since I didn't think much planning needed to be done.  The day came and when I arrived at the site, I found that T's mom had gone over the top in preparations.  Not only was everything decorated and froofy, but there were throngs and throngs of T's relatives wandering about--many of whom he didn't know.  I was tormented, torn between just wanting to get married that day and not offending T's mom by postponing the whole thing since no one from my family had been invited.  T told me it was OK if we put the whole thing off, that his mom would deal.  The rest of the dream I spent wandering through old hotels and rolling hills, mostly alone, but sometimes I would run into old friends and have a beer and chat for a bit.

And then I woke up.                                                        

 (Taken on our trip to Italy last spring)

 Analysis: Clearly I have some issues with T's mom wanting to be all up in our biznazz.  I'm not ready for marriage yet.  I miss my family and feel guilty that they aren't more involved in my life since we live so far apart.  And taking long solo walks in pastoral landscapes is cathartic.


I'm off to Hong Kong tomorrow.  I can't wait!  Last night before bed, I spent an hour or so trying on clothes and deciding what to pack.  It will be about 20 degrees cooler there than here during the day and even chillier at night, so I'm already bracing myself and bringing a lot of layers!  (Scarves!  Boots!  How I've missed you!)

I spoke to T last night before I went to sleep and he was under the covers in his hotel bed wearing his work shirt and a very thick hooded sweatshirt.  And he was still freezing.  Wish I could have been there to warm him up!

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