Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yiddish Tuesday: Schmatta

Schmatta (ˈ sh mätə): n. old, tattered clothing; rags

You're not going out wearing that schmatta, are you?


sally (send to mikesalc@aol.com) said...

Love your Yiddish Tuesdays. Can I can an email of three new yiddish words to learn every tuesday? signed Shiksa Sally

sally (send to mikesalc@aol.com) said...

I must still be sleeping while awake..I MEANT to say: can you please email me new yiddish words to learn? I know the most common 20. but today, I was writing and schmutz came to mind. Love saying the word. it's so perfect! I ask only if you do this sort of thing like a newsletter blast - if not please don't bother just for me. Thanks! sAlly

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