Monday, March 8, 2010

Hello, Lover!

When I first started living abroad, I was happy to rough it and make use of what was cheap and locally available.  But now, a seasoned expat, I have found as time has gone by that when living abroad, creature comforts and reminders of home become increasingly more important.  Little by little, with the opening of international brand stores and perhaps an increased demand for foreign goods, the creature comforts I use to have to schlep back from the US with me in an extra duffel are becoming more widely available here.  Until 2007, I was importing tampons since only expensive, baby-sized Playtex were available in Thailand.  A couple years ago, I started seeing Cetaphil face wash sold at pharmacies.  I discovered with glee that Quaker Oat Squares, my favorite cereal, can be bought in the international grocery store (though a box goes for a whopping US$12!).  And now, this weekend, Bangkok welcomed one more of my creature comforts:
Yes, hello.  Welcome.  Finally!

Now, I'm just holding out for one of these and my life here will be complete.

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