Saturday, December 19, 2009

Abscess Makes the Fart Go Honda

6.5 hours down, 15+ to go.  I am sitting in the ANA lounge in Tokyo awaiting boarding of the next and final leg of my trip back to the U.S.  I am beyond tired.  That kind of fatigue reminiscent of college all-nighters.  Slow-sticky thought processes, dry mouth, strange combo of nausea and hunger, etc.  

The past few days have been chock full of activity and preparations.  T's birthday as on Thursday, so to celebrate his final hours of 31-hood, I took him out for dinner at Water Library.  The place is an interesting concept with a two- page menu of imported waters and a swanky feel with dark lighting, white linens, and big windows.  The centtral feature of the place was the floor-to-ceiling tower of water bottles.

Though the atmosphere was date-y, sexy, romantic (even though the picture windows looked out on the highway and the restaurant is housed in a mall), the chef tried far too hard to be creative with the food.  The dishes ended up being too busy, visually and for my palate. 

    Pork loin with various accoutrement, including cabbage-beet slaw, baby 
peas, apples and apple sauce, and something they claimed was sweet
potato gnocchi, but really just tasted like little balls of Parmesan. 

Mixed berries that ended up being served like this. Looks like a mess!  
White balsamic reduction, merlot sorbet, and raspberry gel along with
a few other additions.  Far less appealing that T's molten chocolate cake.

 Nevertheless, we had a nice evening without distraction.

In love.
On T's actually birthday, there was a Mexican lunch with his co-workers to which he asked me to come and then dinner with his parents at the JW Marriott's New York Steakhouse.  Mmmmmmmmeat!  It was good.

T is a such a gentleman.  He always accompanies me to the airport and hangs out with me until I have to go through immigration.  He carries (or rather, pulls) my bag.  He presses me to buy snacks for the plane even though I know I won't want anything extra.  He sweetly asks the employee at the check-in counter whether I can get upgraded.  And he sneaks kisses on the escalator.  This man is gold.

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